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Trip to Kawah Putih – Ciwidey

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In this school holiday season, we like to take our kids to play and get to know the nature. That because we live in jakarta where we mostly take our kids to play in the mall (indoor). As planned, we like to stay a week in our parent house in bandung and start to look for green places around bandung that we can go to. For our target we have the option of area around lembang and ciwidey. After some considerations and that usually during the holiday season lembang area is very crowded we decided to go to ciwidey. 

Ciwidey is located in southern part of bandung – west java. In here there are natural conservation and tourist destination area. The destinations include kawah putih (white crater), pangalengan where you can go to situ cilenca (cileunca lake), situ patenggang (patenggang lake), etc. unanimously we choose to go to kawah putih. 

That day we leave bandung city at 8 am hoping so we can avoid the traffic jam. Our route : Buah batu – soekarno hatta – cibaduyut – kopo – soreang – ciwidey. At the beginning it was a smooth ride, the traffic is bearable. when we reach ciwidey area the traffic is getting heavy and the car occusionally stop for a while because of traffic. Well its the only way there so we just have to dealt with and try to enjoy the ride. Anyway, there are something interesting on the road to ciwidey. That is you can find many strawberry farming in ciwidey. The red dotted fresh strawberry looks so tasty waiting to be pick. The visitor can either buy the the package of fresh strawberry or the best of all you can hand pick them as much as you like right from the plantation. This is interesting experience and our kids love it. 

After approximately 2 hours, finally we reach our destination “kawah putih”. Once we are there, we are waited in line to get in to the gate to buy the entrance tickets. 

The following is the ticket price list for kawah putih area.

The ticket price to kawah putih is Rp 20,000 (twenty thousand rupiah) per person for domestic tourist and Rp 50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah) per person for foreigner.
For parking, the visitor can choose whether to park near the entrance gate (below ) or park near the crater (up in the mountain). 

Parking fee to park near the entrance gate (below) is as follows :

The parking fee for motorcycle is Rp 3,000 (three thousand rupiah) per motorcycle
The parking fee for car is Rp 6,000 (six thousand rupiah) per car
The parking fee for bus is Rp 25,000 (twenty five thousand rupiah) per bus

To reach the white crater from this parking area you need to use so call “Ontang – anting”. This is a minibus use to transport visitor up the mountain to the kawah putih area. The cost of this transport is Rp 15,000 (fifteen thousand rupiah) per person. The price is included for going up to the crater area and returning to the parking area below.

The parking fee to park your car near the crater (up in the mountain) is Rp 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) per car. It is expensive but we choose to pay this to park up in the mountain. 

Driving from the entrance gate to the crater is challenging. We go along small and winding road. The road itself is not so smooth and just enough for two passing car. So we must be driving carefully and watch out for the vehicle from the opposite direction. On the road side the view is pretty much a forest with no sign of houses or civilization. No lightning anywhere along the road so when the day is cloudy and gets dark its kind of creepy.

The road trip from the main entrance to the parking lot near the crater is about 5 km or 15 – 20 minutes by car. When we get there we are surprise. There are alot of car park up here, it is difficult to get the parking space. So I guess it is not that expensive after all, as a lot of people choose and willing to pay that much money for the previlege to park up in the mountain.

From here we can walk along the stair provided down to the crater. Do wear your sweater or coat because it is cold up here and can reach 0 degrees at certain times. You are also advise to wear a face mask to cover your nose and mouth. That is because the level of sulfur in the air is high so you might have difficulty to breath. You either bring the mask yourself or you can buy it. There are people selling the face mask up here.

As you go along the stair you can slowly see the crater. Once you get there you will be amaze. Imagine you are deep inside the crater where you find the lake is so green and the soil is white. It is like you go to another world because the sorrounding is suddently very different. The fog is everywhere around you and that sulfur smell create a mix feeling. The plantation there are unique as it just the tall branch with few leaves create different atmosphere.the water on the crater can change color instantly according to sulfur level inside the crater and the intensity of the sun light that shine through the the lake. The color can be white, green or even brown. 

This place is very popular, many visitor take picture here for for personal, wedding or commercial photography. Of course I take the picture here and the result is superb. The result is picture of you wearing warm cloth and sorrounding with all those mist and green color lake or just an amazing surreal lanscape photography. It is like we are not in Indonesia. It is like we are in the country where you have cold snowy climate or another world. I think that the best thing you can take from this trip to kawah putih. The fact that you been there inside the crater and experiencing completely different environment truely one of the must see places in your life time.

For health reasons, the visitor is limited to be in the crater for maximum 15 minutes. The estate management keep announcing the warning and it is true so you better obey it. If you are staying here inside the crater for too long you will feel dizzy, headeach or event vomit. Two of our family member got this sickness and sit helplessly at the car on the way down the mountain. They get better afterward.

That kawah putih (white crater) is actually inactive crater of the mount patuha. Their existance is keep secret for years. That because the people live around it says that the mountain is sacred and affraid to go up there. The kawah putih existance was reveal as Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809 – 1064) is courious and decide to go to the top of the mountain and found out about this beautiful crater as we know today.

So that is our story about the trip to kawah putih – ciwidey. As much as we enjoy the experience I recommend this place for you to see. Thanks for reading the article. 

Wisata ke Museum Konferensi Asia – Afrika (KAA)

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Diorama Konferensi Asia Afrika

Dalam kunjungan ke bandung, kami berwisata sejarah ke Museum Konferensi Asia – Afrika (KAA). Museum KAA ini merupakan salah satu tempat wisata bersejarah, spot favorit liburan dan kebanggaan warga kota bandung – jawa barat. Lokasi museum ini mudah di akses dan berada di pusat kota bandung yaitu di jalan asia – afrika no. 65. Tepatnya berlokasi di gedung merdeka yang merupakan lokasi dilaksanakannya konferensi asia – afrika tahun 1955.

Museum Konferensi Asia – Afrika (KAA)

Di dalam museum KAA terdapat ruang pameran tetap yang memamerkan koleksi benda memoribilia konferensi asia – afrika, foto dokumentasi, diorama suasana saat KAA berlangsung, profil tokoh dan negara peserta KAA, foto antusiasme masyarakat bandung kala itu dan berbagai sarana multimedia yang memberikan informasi interaktif tentang peristiwa bersejarah KAA tersebut.

Denah Museum KAA

Di bagian tengah museum KAA terdapat ruangan aula besar tempat berlangsungnya konferensi asia – afrika pada 18 – 24  april 1955. Ruangan ini terlihat klasik, megah dan masih terawat dengan baik. Kursi peserta dan meja pimpinan konferensi masih terawat dan tersusun sesuai aslinya. Pengunjung dapat berkeliling ruangan ini dan juga dapat duduk di kursi peserta KAA sehingga kita dapat merasakan suasana khidmat dan seriusnya konferensi yang dihadiri oleh pemimpin dari negara – negara di asia – afrika tersebut. Area ini tidak mungkin terlewatkan untuk lokasi berfoto terutama spot di depan meja pimpinan konferensi yang di belakangnya berjajar bendera – bendera negara peserta KAA. epic

Ruang KAA

Pengunjung ke museum KA ini umumnya tidak dikenakan biaya atau gratis. Yang perlu di perhatikan adalah museum ini libur setiap hari senin dan hari libur nasional. Hari selasa sampai kamis museum buka dari jam 08.00 wib sampai 16.00 wib. pada hari jum’at buka dari jam 14.00 wib sampai 16.00 wib. pada hari sabtu dan minggu buka dari jam 09.00 sampai 16.00 wib.

Kawasan sekitar museum KAA ini sudah mengalami perbaikan, di sisi depan dan samping gedung merdeka kini tertata rapi dengan tersedianya kursi panjang bagi pengunjung dan jejeran berbagai stan makanan. Jadi ketika pengunjung museum KAA selesai berkunjung (exit), dapat melanjutkan wisata kuliner di stan yang menyajikan jajanan yang bervariasi dan beristirahat di kursi – kursi yang ada di sekitar area tersebut.

Jajanan sekitar museum KAA

Harap diperhatikan, mobil dan motor tidak diperbolehkan parkir di sisi jalan asia afrika dekat gedung merdeka, jadi lokasi parkir mobil dan motor museum KAA ini berada di sisi kiri jalan asia – afrika, kira – kira 30 meter setelah gedung merdeka. Di sepanjang jalan dari area parkir menuju ke gedung merdeka juga terdapat “artis” comicon yang menggunakan atribut pakaian sesuai karakter anime, superhero, disney dan juga berbagai figur hantu seperti valak, kuntilanak, dll. Disini pengunjung dapat berhenti untuk berfoto dengan berbagai karakter tersebut. Biasanya kita hanya perlu memberikan sumbangan sukarela dengan nilai seikhlasnya ke dalam kotak uang yang tersedia di samping karakter tersebut. Anak – anak sangat menyukai bertemu karakter tersebut, terutama untuk karakter seperti mickey mouse, naruto, spiderman, princes sofia, elsa dan orang dewasa biasanya berfoto dengan karakter hantu seperti valak, kuntilanak dll.

berfoto bersama karakter anime, disney dan super hero

berikut ini video wisata ke Museum Konferensi Asia - Afrika (KAA) :

Secara umum wisata ke museum KAA ini cukup berkesan, point utamanya  adalah akses ke museum yang mudah, gratis tiket masuk museum KAA dan lingkungan museum dan sekitarnya yang rapi dan nyaman. Bila anda memiliki waktu dan berada di bandung, kawasan wisata ini direkomendasikan untuk dikunjungi.

Family Weekend Holiday - Ah Poong Restoran dan Hotel Novotel Bogor

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Pasar Apung - Ah Poong
Karena sudah lama keluarga besar nggak pada ngumpul, maka tercetuslah ide pengen menginap bareng plus makan-makan ke daerah Bogor, kenapa dipilihnya bogor soalnya itu kota terdekat dengan jakarta dan kita cuma punya waktu 2 hari pas weekend dan itu pun susah banget mempertemukan 1 keluarga besar soalnya pada sibuk semua susah nyari jadwal cuti yang pas...tapi akhirnya berhasil juga tuh pada ngumpul dan liburan bareng.. yipieee....

Dalam perjalanan ke bogor kita mampir dulu wisata kuliner ke tempat makan di daerah sentul namanya pasar Ah Poong, belum pernah ke sana sih cuma pernah denger aja dari temen-temen katanya tempatnya bagus dan ternyata setelah sampai disana tempatnya memang bagus sih cocok banget buat makan-makan kalo bersama keluarga. Untuk menuju ke restorannya kita bisa melewati jembatan gantung yang dibawahnya sungai wah..anak saya seneng banget tuh.
Anak - anak santai di tangga lihat sungai
Kalau dari segi makanan disana tuh restorannya di manage oleh eat and eat yang nggak asing lagi soalnya udah banyak di mall-mall di jakarta yang di manage mereka, konsepnya kita pesan makanan setelah menukar uang tunai dengan kartu khusus eat n eat. Yang pasti bisa pilih mau makan apa aja soalnya banyak banget pilihannya, dari kupat tahu, sate padang, mpek-mpek, nasi timbel, nasi bali, gudeg, masakan asia, aneka soto...sagala aya. Suasana dan setting restorannya juga enak sih, konsepnya open air di sisi sungai (riverside restorant) yang terawat baik. terus kita bisa ajak sekeluarga sewa perahu sampan yang ada di sungainya its fun kayuh sampan sendiri...lumayan buat refreshing dan ganti suasana dari kemacetan jakarta.
Setelah kenyang makan di pasar Ah Poong (Pasar Apung) kita lanjut nginap di salah satu hotel di bogor namanya novotel. Lokasinya setelah keluar tol arah bogor, langsung saja belok ke kiri dekat golf estate bogor raya. udah sempet beberapa kali sih nginap di hotel ini karena suasananya bikin ngangenin, hotelnya adem banget, banyak pohon-pohon besar, arena bermain anaknya juga banyak, ada outboundnya, terus kalo anak-anak mau naik kuda juga bisa, kolam renang nya juga oke....keponakan saya malah ikutan cooking class yg biasanya diadakan tiap weekend, yang pasti anak saya happy kalo ke sini.

Alhamdulillah kami bisa piknik bareng sekeluarga besar...ya mudah-mudahan kita semua masih dikasih umur dan rejeki buat bisa jalan bareng lagi ya...Amin. 

Berikut adalah video pandangan mata saat kami ke sana :

Pasar Apung - Ah Poong - Sentul City

 Hotel Novotel Bogor
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